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Here are some of the latest events coming up here at

Cross Roads Community UMC.  

Book Signing Event

Click the link below to register for the "Dear Jacob" book signing event on November 18, 2023 at 2:00 pm.​For more details, check out our Facebook page.  

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September Mission Ministry 

For our September Mission & Outreach focus, all proceeds (after we meet our Compassion Children obligation) will go towards the Classroom Snack Program for the New London-Spicer Schools.


Each day, children are to bring a snack. Mentally, this is needed to keep the students fresh and sharp. Many children don’t bring a snack, so the teacher always provides one. Our teachers have been funding this themselves! The costs is about $1,000 for the school year.


Additionally, funds will be donated towards the Wild Cat Backpack Program. The Link provides bags of food to students in need each Friday, so they have food available for the week-end. They provide 2 breakfast items, 2 lunch items, 2 fruits, and treats. This program costs $2,000 PER MONTH.


Please give generously to the White Bucket or if you prefer, bring the following snacks; granola bars, saltine crackers (the kind in sleeves), snack size Cheese Its, or snack size gold fish. Let’s help our teachers and students in need!!

Cross Roads Coffee Corner

Cross Roads is continuing one of its first small groups and everyone is invited!


Cross Roads "Coffee Corner" has changed its meeting dates.  This small group will begin meeting the   2nd Wednesday of each month at 9:00am (beginning in November)  in the Fellowship Hall. Everyone is invited to come as frequently or as little as you like. This is a time for coffee and fellowship; just a way to catch up with what is going on with others in the congregation, especially those you perhaps haven't had a chance to really talk to since the pandemic began, or those you would like to get to know better.  If you would like to bring treats to share with others, feel free.


We encourage you to bring a friend, especially someone who doesn't have a church family. This would be a terrific way to introduce them to folks at Cross Roads in a casual setting.


We look forward to seeing you soon!!


Boutique 2023 has been launched. The date is set for Saturday, October 7th from 8:30 – 11:30 am.


Crafting for the Boutique is in full swing! Several gals gathered after worship and made some amazing fabric pumpkins from old sweaters; and beautiful Christmas décor boxes. We do plan to sell books again, so please start stashing your books! 


If you’d like to participate as a worker, a crafter, a baker, a soup maker, or help in any way, please work with Jenny Daby or Pastor Leslie to find a fit for you!

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