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The Mission & Outreach Team will begin collecting items for the Midwest Mission Distribution Center (MMDC) to help with responding to disasters in the United States and around the world.


Minnesota United Methodists have a long-standing tradition of responding to natural disasters over the years. One way we respond is by bringing relief supplies to our Annual Conference gathering. While COVID has postponed that particular effort, the Mission Promotion Action Team decided to come to selected churches throughout the state instead. Efforts in June and November of 2020 yielded over 15,000 pounds of donated supplies! As you know, there is still a great need, so we are doing it again.


A truck will be arriving at seven socially-distanced parking lots July 9 and 10. Everything will be delivered to the Midwest Mission Distribution Center, a UMCOR-related depot in Chatham, Illinois.


List of requested items:


MMDC Tornado Kit materials:

2 pairs of work gloves

24 1 gallon size resealable bags

2 permanent markers

1 roll of duct tape—prefer colored

2 dust masks—no surgical

24 trash bags—heavy duty—33-45 gallon size

24 clear/white trash bags—20-33 gallon size  



UMCOR Hygiene Kit materials:

1 hand towel (15x25-17x27 inches)—no kitchen, cleaning or microfiber

1 washcloth—no kitchen, cleaning or microfiber

1 comb—6 inches of teeth—no pocket combs or picks

1 toenail or fingernail clipper—no emery boards or metal nail files

1 bar of soap (3 oz. or larger)—no Ivory or Jergen’s (do not remove packaging)

1 adult toothbrush (do not remove packaging)

10 adhesive bandages (3/4 by 3 inches)

1 gallon size resealable bag



UMCOR Cleaning Kit materials:

1 five-gallon bucket with resealable lid

1 32-64 bottle liquid laundry detergent

1 16-40 oz. bottle liquid concentrate household cleaner—no spray cleaners

1 16-34 oz. dish soap

1 4-8 oz. pump spray air freshener

1 6-14 oz. pump spray insect repellent

1 scrub brush

18 re-usable cleaning wipes—no terry cloth, microfiber, or paper towels, (remove from packaging)

5 scouring pads—no stainless steel pads with soap in them (remove from packaging)

36-50 clothespins

1 50-100 ft. clothesline (cotton or plastic)

5 N95 dust masks (no surgical masks)

2 pairs kitchen gloves

1 pair work gloves


Find UMCOR Kit assembly instructions


Other MMDC supply requests include:

deodorant 2-3 oz.

notebooks—1 subject spiral (8”x10 ½”)


unsharpened pencils

12 box of colored pencils

24 box of crayons

student scissors

cloth diapers





orthopedic supplies


You are welcome to make an entire kit and bring it to the church, or bring whatever supplies you would like to donate and drop them in the bin in the narthex labeled "Midwest Mission Distribution Center (MMDC)."


The deadline for donations is Tuesday, July 6, by noon.  


We encourage you to help support those who are most in need during times of natural disasters. Jesus instructed us to be the hands and feet of Christ, and this opportunity is such an easy way for us to fulfill that commandment.