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Here are some of the latest events coming up here at

Cross Roads Community UMC.  


A special project for Lent has been created. Lent begins February 22nd. There will be special Lenten packets available in church beginning mid February to help you get ready.

A white trash bag with a purple ribbon will be available to each family or person who wishes to participate. The project is called “Forty Items for Forty Days”. Everyone needs an opportunity to clean out their closets.

We’re asking you to place ONE item in the bag each day of the 40 days of Lent. On Sunday, March 26th, bring your bag to church and place on the steps in the sanctuary. Pastor Leslie will say a special blessing over the items collected. Then you can take your bag to the donation place of your choosing!

If you don’t want to take it, the Missions Team will ensure they get donated.

Cross Roads Coffee Corner

Cross Roads is continuing one of its first small groups and everyone is invited!


Cross Roads "Coffee Corner" has changed its meeting dates.  This small group will begin meeting the   2nd Wednesday of each month at 9:00am (beginning in November)  in the Fellowship Hall. Everyone is invited to come as frequently or as little as you like. This is a time for coffee and fellowship; just a way to catch up with what is going on with others in the congregation, especially those you perhaps haven't had a chance to really talk to since the pandemic began, or those you would like to get to know better.  If you would like to bring treats to share with others, feel free.


We encourage you to bring a friend, especially someone who doesn't have a church family. This would be a terrific way to introduce them to folks at Cross Roads in a casual setting.


We look forward to seeing you soon!!

March Mission Project
for Local Food Pantry

Excess funds from the white bucket offering during March will go to The Link for MN Food Share month. During the month of March, the Link can apply for grant monies and turn every dollar into TEN TIMES the amount. Every dollar counts!!!

Please consider giving generously.

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